Tips for Common Goggle Problems (a little spit goes a long way)

While training for a triathlon I have started racking up the swimming miles.  This process has been a big learning experience as I have struggled through laps with leaking or foggy goggles, missing ear plugs; using nose plugs, swim caps, and more.  So far the biggest challenge has been with my goggles.

After doing a lot of research it seems that if your goggles are leaking a lot they are probably not a good fit for you or might just be a cheap goggle.  I will also add that in one instance I had gotten a small tear in the seam of my goggle.  I didn’t notice until after a long swim, and had finally hopped out of the pool to grab an extra pair that I had.  The likely cause was my little baby using them as a teething toy one morning.  So the following is a list of tips for goggles that fit

  1. Don’t just go with the cheapest option.  A good pair of name brand goggles can be anywhere from $15 to $30 and are well worth the cost.  Speedo is a very reputable brand in the goggle arena.  I would recommend looking at a sporting goods store to compare a few different name brand goggles.
  2. The goggles you own may not be the best fit for your face.  A sporting goods store will give you a lot of options for shape and size.  Often you can open the packaging up and try on goggles to test out the fit.  Try putting on the goggles and letting them stick to your face.  If they stay in place and feel comfortable they will probably be a good option for you.
  3. If you have tried a couple different goggles and still can’t get a good fit, they make goggles that are a little more like a facemask.  They work great for swimming distance and work for a variety of faces.


I have a narrow face and have had several problems with different goggles.  One pair that I got has a really small nose bridge and the goggles give me a headache.  Another pair seems a little too wide for my face and water gets in on the side.  My most

Another problem that I have had recently is fog.  It gets bad enough that I have a problem swimming straight… in a pool.  I have also learned several tips about foggy goggles.  If this has been a common problem for you try out these 3 tips.

  1. It may be time for a new pair of goggles.  New goggles usually have anti-fog properties, but over time even the best goggles will start to become foggier.  Dirt and scratches will make it worse.
  2. A common trick for swimmers is to spit into the goggles.  Spit, rub, rinse and they are ready to go.
  3. Using dish soap baby shampoo to clean can help.  A very thin layer of conditioner works well too.

Hopefully these goggle tips will help you problem solve your issues in the pool.  It has made my long swims much less stressful.  I can focus more on breathing and stroke and worry less about the water or fog in my goggles.  For additional suggestions, try out  It has a great forum for triathletes.

Image Credits: Rona Proudfoot (Title Text Added), Alex Bianchi


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