Half IronMan Family Challenge – October 26, 2014

2014 marks our 7 year anniversary.  In 7 years we have lived in 3 states and moved 8 times.  We have two children and now both have full time jobs.

This site is meant to create a REVOLUTION.  To be the only website DEDICATED to family fitness.

– Created by a family for families –

Our goal is to run a Half IronMan together while working full time jobs and being parents to two wonderful little children.  We will document our entire process including the struggles, joys, food, and workouts that we are doing to reach this goal.  We will also share tips, workouts, and recipes that families can use to be healthy at home, be a parent, have a job, and live a happy – healthy life!

What will you do this year with your family?

So much healthy information out there is created by professional athletes with no kids . . . let’s get real.  What about the rest of us?  Join our movement to create healthy homes!

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