Must Watch Motivational Running Videos

Here are a couple running videos that I have made over the years to keep me motivated.  All songs, logos, company names etc are the property of the company, artist, or designer no copyright intended.

I literally put this song “Send The Pain Below” by Chevelle on repeat during the Park City Marathon. It continued to play for the entire first 10K over and over during that race. I think that is one of the best running songs around. Send the pain below. . . That is where all the pain is felt during a marathon. If you train right, by running bleachers you can reduce that pain! Watch closely you will even get a glimps of Tammy Ivie – CPT, a personal trainer who contributes articles to

I love the Garmin GPS watches (and they work while running bleachers) so much that we decided to make a fun “commercial” about the Garmin 405 GPS watch.  After having used it many times I can tell you it is a great watch.  Anyway,  this is a fun video when you need a little laugh.

The Nike slogan “Just Do It” is perhaps the best advice in the world.  When you don’t feel like running bleachers “JUST DO IT”.  Running is a simple art and a fantastic way to release all the stress.  Just get out and do it.

This video depicts some of our Iron Man training. In a couple scenes you will see us on the track. . . running bleachers no doubt! Every time I see this video my heart gets racing and I get pumped up to hit the road and train!


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