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There are many different workouts that can be done on the bleachers, depending on what you are trying to focus on, a bleacher workout can be aerobic or anaerobic, it can be done to build muscle or to slim up,running bleachers can even be done to focus on improving speed or endurance.

In this post we will provide a couple sample bleacher workouts. Prior to starting any workout it is important that you have a good pair of running shoes with good traction. My favorite running shoe is the Nike Free it isn’t really a minimal shoe, but it provides enough support for long runs while also providing much more traction and flexibility.

First things first lets define a couple terms for different bleacher workouts (these are not official terms, but ones that I will use for the sake of simplification).

  • Run straight up – running up the bleachers one step at a time.
  • Every other one – skipping a step between.
  • Hoping both legs – hoping on every step.
  • Hoping one leg – hoping up the steps with one leg.
  • Push ups – with your feet a couple steps above your hands, do push up as you crawl backward up the bleachers. (Don’t worry there is a video link below to explain).
  • High knees – standing at the bottom touch the first step with one foot at a time.
  • The “S” – Go up the seating section, go down the step section. Do this for every section all the way across the bleachers.
These are only a few of the possibilities for a bleacher workout routine. To create a true anaerobic exercise and really build up that lactic acid threshold running bleachers should be combined with another exercise between sets. Here are some examples of exercises that can be done between bleacher reps:
  • Sprinting 50m
  • Russian Walks
  • Monster Walks
  • Frog Jumps
  • Lunges
  • Running backwards


The following video will provide a nice visual of some of the possible workouts.

Bleacher Workout Video – One


Dynamic Stretching 15-20 minutes
Jog 800m warm-up Slow pace
Ins & Outs Jog the curves and sprint the straight around the track.
Run straight up 3 Rest 2 minutes between rep
The \”S\” 2 Rest 3 minutes between reps
Hope on both legs 2 Rest 3 minutes between reps
Jog 800 cool down Slow pace
Static Stretching 15-20 minutes
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800m slow warm-up
Dynamic Stretching 15-20 min
Ins & Outs 2 Sprint straights and jog the curves.
Run Straight Up 3 After first rep sprint 50m then rest 2 min.
After second rep do 25 frog jumps then rest 2 min.
After third reps do 25 frog jumps then rest 2 min.
Hop on 1 leg 2 Rest 3 min between reps. Alternate legs between reps.
Hop on both legs 2 25m of lunges between each rep.
Rest 2 min between reps.
The \”S\” 1 Sprint 50m after.
25m gut buster
Jog 800m Slow pace.
Static Stretching 15-20min
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800m Jog Slow pace
Dynamic Stretching 15-20min
Ins & Outs 2
Run Straight Up 3 After first rep run 50m. Rest 2 min
After second rep run 50m then do 25 frog jumps. Rest 2 min.
After third rep sprint 50m, broad jump 10 times, 25 lunges. Rest 2 min.
Push Ups Up The Bleachers 1 Monster walks 25m. Rest 3 min
Hop on both legs 1 No rest
The \”S\” 1 Sprint 50m, 25 frog jumps. Rest 2 min
Run Straight Up 2 Russian walks 25m, broad jump 10 times
Hop on One Leg 2 Run backwards 25m
25m gut buster 2
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Obviously, there are a ton of options for different workouts. It is best to experiment with different workouts, including things you are already doing to find what works best for you. Keep in mind that it should hurt a bit “no pain, no gain”! Running bleachers will improve your overall health and bleacher workouts can be incorporated at any time during your training.

Check out this book for a workout guide: Running Bleachers: a Workout Guide & Companion

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