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How Many Calories Do You Burn Running Bleachers?

Running on bleachers provides an excellent workout and can burn calories quickly and efficiently.  The average person who weighs about 150 pounds will burn about 17 calories per minute of running bleachers.  Below is calories burned by running bleachers and various other activities per minute, the information is based on a 150 pound person.  Actual calories burned will vary based on a few other factors (age, intensity, basic metabolic rate etc. . . )

One good way to track your calories burned during a work out is to use a Heart Rate Monitor.  Calories burned is tied directly to heart rate and workout intensity.  My favorite HR monitor is the Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS my only issue with the watch is that it can be hard to work when sweating intensely but what it does well is track HR, distance, and calories better than any other watch or monitor I have ever used.  You might try a simply Ipod or Iphone or Android app to track distance and calories but these will not be as accurate.

Bicycling (13mph) 10.8
Jumping Rope 9.4
Running (11 min mile) 10.8
Running (8.5 min mile) 14.1
Running (7 min mile) 15.7
Sprinting 23.3
Swimming (crawl 20 yd/min) 4.9
Swimming (crawl 45 yd/min) 8.8
Tennis (recreation) 7.0
Aerobic Dance 11.4
Basketball (half-court) 4.9
Racquetball 9.9
Rowing Machine 13.8
Soccer 9
Running Bleachers 17
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It is clear from this information that running bleachers burns a enormous amount of calories.  Monitoring the amount of time you work out and the type of workout you are doing will help you to keep better track of your caloric expenditure.  Knowing this number will aid in making a plan for your intake thus aiding you in being able to achieve the needed daily caloric deficit to lose weight.

The best thing about running bleachers is that not only are you burning an enormous amount of calories while exercising but you are also building muscle at the same time.  Check out this article by personal trainer and Boston Marathoner Tammy Ivie regarding running bleachers.

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