Bleachers – A Personal Trainers Testimony – Tammy Ivie


As a personal trainer and running coach I try to incorporate running bleachers into my workout at least once a week, I have seen the benefits that it has on an athlete’s training.  Running bleachersincorporates so many different muscles, and improves your speed by building muscles in your legs, and gluts.  You do not need to be clocking many miles a week to do a bleacher workout.  Start slow and gradually increase the amount of bleachers you do.

Even if you have to start by walking up the bleachers, at least you are doing something, when walking becomes easier start running up.  You will be surprised how quickly you will start to see results in your overall training.  Just recently, I had a client come to me wanting to improve her 5k (3.1 mile) time.  She was losing her motivation because she was not seeing any results from running the same workout every day.  I incorporated running bleachers into her workout and within a month she saw her pace go from a 9:30 minute mile to a 8:50 minute mile.

Another bonus to running bleachers is the amount of calories you will burn.  You will burn more calories by running bleachers because simply you are using more energy.  I cannot stress enough to clients the importance of changing up the workout to see the best result in their training, and running the bleachers is one, if not the best, workouts to do.  Get out there today, not tomorrow because tomorrow will NEVER come, and start running bleachers!


bleacher-running-workout-150x150I have ran 15 half marathons, 9 marathons including qualifying and running the Boston Marathon, 1 Ultra marathon finishing 5th overall the women, 2 triathlons.  Became a personal trainer in 2006, and started a running club in 2009.  Running is my passion; I find great joy in in helping others achieve their personal running goals.  Please like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter as we will continue to post updates and workouts.  Also sign up for our FREE 30 day Running Bleachers Workout.



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