Benefits of Running Bleachers

People often wonder, why running bleachers?  How does it benefit me?  These are important questions especially when considering a workout routine, no one want to waste time with a workout program that does not produce killer results and shred the fat.  So, to answer the question Why Running Bleachers?  I have outlined some of the key benefits to a bleacher workout.  Bleachers also make a great workout for couples.


  • Running bleachers has the ability to jump your heart rate up very quickly to your max heart rate given that you are going from resting to running quickly.  Raising your feet to hit every bleacher requires the heart to pump the blood quickly and completely throughout your entire body.  Pumping at this rate and this much volume will strengthen the cardiac muscle.


  • Running bleachers requires a great deal of oxygen.  As mentioned above the heart is working extremely hard to keep the muscles purfused, this in turn requires the lungs to keep up in order for the blood to stay oxygenated and nourish the tissues.  This will strengthen the lung capacity which will then improve your ability to run on the road.


  • A bleacher workout routine focuses on key running muscles more so than a regular running workout.  The motion of running bleachers requires the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads to continually be flexing and working to lift the body up one more step.  I am convinced that these are the key muscles that will aid your body in completing a marathon.  Mile 20 – 26.2 are when the race actually begins in a marathon, muscles have reached their breaking point and those runners who have trained to fatigue especially through running bleachers will be able to finish with greater ease. Not only that but working these muscles will sculpt the legs.


  •   If you view this page on running bleachers calories burned you will see that running bleachers burns many more calories than simply running.  Being able to burn so many calories in a short period of time makes a bleacher workout a preferred workout for the serious athlete.

Mix It Up

  • Running bleachers provides a great way for you to mix up your workout and alternate what you are doing every day.  Boredom with the workout routine is one of the main reasons that new runners stop working out.  Mixing up what you do each day is a great way to avoid this pit fall.  Also, staying of the road every now and then is one of the best way to prevent stress injuries on your bones, muscles, and joints.
With so many benefits it is clear that running bleachers is one of the best workout options available to both new and experienced runners alike.

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