5 Reasons You’re Always Hungry and The simple fix


Hunger is one thing none can escape. Irrespective of how motivated you are towards your fitness goals or weight loss diet the last piece of cake or the fried chicken leg has got to get you tempted but if you’re hungry way too often then its reason for concern.

Now adding to your already protein and fiber rich diet can help at times but not always. Sometimes it’s your lifestyle that needs a reality check and here’s what you need to look into in detail.

Your cardio routine

For a fact we know that cardio is one the best exercise form to suppress your cravings but that only works if you’ve got the intensity right. Too little too easy is the recipe for disaster as you’ll end up starving more.

This is because the body tends to produce higher amount of Ghrelin, the hunger hormone whereas high intensity training has little to no impact on its generation. So if you haven’t yet given it a thought it’s time to step it up now. Switch to rowing machine workouts preferrably on a Concept 2 rower for better resistance and intensity control.

Your personal meal timings

With jobs and daily life issues a schedule becomes a must and most of us have fixed meal timings and we’re likely to be the hungriest at those hours even if you’ve been eating shorter meals in between those hours and it gets tougher to resist more so during social meeting and gatherings.

Changing the entire meal schedule at once can be disruptive and can worsen the situation so I would suggest you skip out on one meal at a time and continue with your shorter, frequent meals.

Your daily diet

Timings aside the first and foremost thing that will need sorting out is the diet and if you’ve been eating a lot of yummy desserts etc. it’s going to be harder to stop that craving. Something as simple as an image or a TV advert can get you hungry.

Ignoring your craving completely can lead to excessive eating so my advice would be to let go slowly. Rather than a whole slice, grab 2 bites. It helps and you’ll slowly no longer feel the urge for it.

Your protein intake

You can either drink up the proteins or eat them. Yes there’s a lot of hype surrounding supplements and while it does help simply drinking your entire daily dose can impact negatively.  A balance is important but studies have shown that protein rich solid foods tends to be more effective and keeps you full longer. So choose wisely.

Your sleep

Sleep is one thing our generation tends to forget about with their high tech fast moving lives but lack of it or odd timings will keep you hungry longer since it leads to higher production of Ghrelin. Plus your overall performance is likely to suffer making you really cranky and frustrated thus in turn leading to binge eating etc.


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