30 Marathons that Allow Jogging Strollers (the ULTIMATE guide to running with baby)

Running with children can be a fantastic way to instill a sense of fitness and an appreciation for the outdoors.  A lot of moms and dads end up running with a jogging stroller during their training runs but it can be nearly impossible to find marathons and races that allow them.

We have put together a list of 30 marathons and half marathons that actually allow runners to run with their stroller.  You can sort by month, state, price, or race name.

Do you know of a marathon or half marathon that allows strollers?  Post it in the comments section and we will add it to the list! 

Hill Country Marathon Marathon October Marble Falls TX $70-90
Hill Country Marathon Half Marathon November Marble Falls TX $70-90
Skirt Sports Half Marathon Half Marathon June Louisville CO $95-155
Rocky Mountain Half Half Marathon August Rocky Mountain NP CO $110
Santa to the Sea Half Marathon December Oxnard CA $55-95
Run You Go Girl Half Marathon September Tacoma WA $65-95
Santa Hustle Half Marathon December Indianapolis IN $50-55
Bunny Rock Half Marathon April Chicago IL $60-80
Eugene Holiday Half Half Marathon December Eugene OR
Sisters Hald Marathon Half Marathon April Sisters OR $40-60
Hattiesburg Clinic Half Half Marathon April Hattiesburg MS
Oshkosh Half Marathon Half Marathon April Oshkosh WI $45
Irving Marathon Marathon April Irving TX $74-115
Irving Marathon Half Marathon May Irving TX $74-116
Wallis Sands Half Half Marathon May Rye NH $60-70
Camp Wannarunamileormore Half Marathon April Bald Eagle Regional Park MN $50-65
Massacre Marathon Marathon February Greensboro NC $40-60
Twin Lights Half Half Marathon April Gloucester MA $60-70
Fifty Yard Finish Half Marathon June Orchard Park NY $55-85
Den Fiesta Bowl Half Half Marathon December Scottsdale AZ $45-70
Go Girl Run Marathon April Springfield MO $60-85
Germantown Half Half Marathon March Germantown TN $45-65
New Years Race Half Marathon January Los Angeles CA $85-125
Run Bentonville Half Marathon March Bentonville AR
Run For Water Half Marathon May Abbotsford Canada $60-100
Crystal Coast Half Marathon March Morehead NC $55
Owl Roost Rumble Half Marathon April Greensboro NC $35
Run Carolina Beach Half Marathon October Carlonia Beach NC $40-80
Heros Half Half Marathon April Everett WA $55-75
Triple Lakes Race Half Marathon October Greensboro NC $40-50
Zion Half Half Marathon March Zion NP UT
Great Smoky Mountain Half Marathon September
Crawlin’ Crab Half Half Marathon October Hampton VA $60-90
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 What Months are Marathons that Allow Strollers?

As you can see from the list the majority of the marathons and half marathons on the list are in April. This is obviously a great thing because you will not need to worry as much about your baby being too hot or too cold.  April is one of the best running months due to weather.  In fact the IDEAL temperature for running is actually about 50 degrees.

With each increase in temperature of 10 degrees there is an almost exponential increase in pace per mile of the average runner.  The elite runner will be affected slightly less than the average runner. However, when temperatures reach levels greater than 85 degrees you should use caution and listen to your body. Below you will find a chart indicating the effect of temperature on race pace  . . . thus April races are a great time of year.

50 8:00 min/mile None
60 8:12 min/mile 2-3% increase
70 8:31 min/mile 6-7% increase
80 9:06 min/mile 12-15% increase
85 9:31 min/mile 18-20% increase

Benefits to Running with a Stroller: Calories Burned


There are obvious benefits to running with a stroller.  You shouldn’t automatically decide to not run with your baby because it will be more difficult . . . that is one of the benefits.  Below are some of the ways that pushing a baby stroller during training runs and races can actually be a good thing:

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Burn more calories
  • Spend time with baby
  • Get kids outside

Muscle Strength

The added weight of the stroller and the baby will actually work to increase resistance while running which will work to build muscular strength and endurance in your hamstrings and quads.  The. increased weight will provide some of the same benefits that running bleachers will as far as developing strength.

Calories Burned Pushing Jogging Stroller

Burning calories is what it all about right?  It is pretty simple to find online calculators that will estimate the amount of calories burned while running based on weight of the runner.  These alone are not 100% accurate as they do not include such physiological factors as heart rate, vO2 max, and other metabolic processes involved in burning calories.  So as long as you can keep that in mind you can make very rough estimates regarding the amount of calories burned pushing a jogging stroller by using those numbers.

So you can use the calculator below to get a general idea of how many calories you burn while pushing a jogging stroller:

Weight: put in how much you + the baby + the jogging stroller weigh

Grade: if you are running on a generally flat course just make this “0”

** This is not a science or 100% accurate number but is merely a means of providing an estimated # of calories that you can burn while running with a jogging stroller.

Spend Time With Baby

Ok I realize that for some parents this is not really a benefit as they use jogging and exercise as their alone time but for me this was always a great time to spend with my kids.  When our first son was born I would take him on multiple walks a day in our Jeep Jogging Stroller this was a great chance for me to just spend time with him and tell him stories.

Sandi also ran MANY long runs pushing Taz in the stroller.  In fact she even ran one 18 mile training jog with Taz in the rain . . . with the Jeep stroller he stayed completely dry!

>>View the Jeep Stroller Here<<

Get The Kids Outside

Running with the baby in a jogging stroller is a great way to get the kids outside at an early age. It is clear from the literature that kids are spending less time outside.

Spending time with the kids outside together as a couple is a fun way for mom and dad to organize family time together and allows for parents to train together as a couple.

Finding the Right Jogging Stroller

If you do plan to run with your child in a race than you need to make sure that you have the right one for the job. Getting a top of the line stroller can actually cost a bit but it will make the entire journey much easier.  We have written extensively HERE about find the right double jogging stroller.

So put your excuses aside.  Search the list above of the top marathons and half marathons that allow strollers and then hit the road and get going. Running a marathon with a baby will be a highly satisfying experience for the whole family.


Do you know of a marathon or half marathon that allows strollers?  Post it in the comments and we will add it to the list! \/\/\/\/\/


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